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>> Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our Flat from Missouri visiting with the Buffalo

Tiny baby starfish!
Three of my lovelies with all the current Flats, MacKerricher State Park

Here are the Very Friendly Llamas. Only their Very Friendly Owner came out, took my flat and wouldn't give it back and I was almost late for an appointment. Makes me a bit wary of going back there for more pictures. 
      Baseball is going well for all three boys. Here is Jason at yesterday's game. He made a solid hit and did great.  The big boys were at a double header at the coast so I couldn't get their picture this time.                    

Baseball is going well for all three boys.  Things will be a little better after this Tuesday when Awana is officially over because right now there have been scheduling conflicts. 

 It's been a fantastic year in Awana and they all finished their books and did a great job.  Now we can start planning for VBS in July. Last year was so much fun I am definitely getting involved this year. 

Riding lessons continue and we've been enjoying that. Kay is so nice to work with!

The children and I have been having fun with our Flat Stanley project. Right now we are hosting flats from Missouri, Tennessee and Alabama, two from Australia and two from England. We need to send ours out--I'm *way* behind on that.  We've taken the flats to the coast and saw all kinds of neat things in the tidepools, we've gone to the buffalo, Lake Mendocino, tried and failed (twice) to get the emus and llama pictures, and tomorrow we'll do the cowboy stuff and the emu (hopefully. I've stopped counting on success here) and we need to get pictures of the ridge, the table at schooltime, our town sign and the drive through redwoods, which entails an hour trip north. I've gotten postcards and some things to put in with the flats to send home, but I need more buffalo fur and the pressed flowers need more drying time.  It is taking much longer than I had planned.  And here I am saying, I am going to send out all our flats tomorrow on our way back from riding lessons. There. Done. 


Anonymous May 4, 2008 at 6:33 PM  

At least you have a good grip on timing and what is possible. Because, you know, that's the key part of juggling eleventy-million flats, baseball practice, AWANA and horseriding lessons.

BTW, I love the mountain lion sign. I think you should photoshop a picture of Middie or Scooter in and post that up by the driveway. You know, your own "Beware of" thing. With Bennetto Flair.