Skating Busy Lately

>> Thursday, November 20, 2008

We've had orthodontic appointments, podiatrist appointments and chiropractor visits. 

We've gone Christmas shopping, visited sweet daughters/sisters and I've done enough shopping today that I think I need to be committed to rehab.

It seems like we've done a lot of things, but I have no pictures as evidence. I'm not sure if that means we really did anything or not, so that might be worrisome. 

We got new phones and I've found new blogs and I've gotten tons of ideas for Christmas gifts. I pinned my son's quilt together and ran out of pins so now I've gotten pins I'll finish that and then I can consider sewing it.  

And that explains everything, so off I go to see if I can Accomplish Much. With photographic evidence.

Oh, Boothe will be having her sweet baby tomorrow. I'm so happy for her family as they have gone through a lot of grief these last couple of years. She has been so inspiring with her raw honesty in her search for God in the middle of all the heartache.  Blessings on you, Boothe!

Okay, that's really it.  Good night!


Rosebuds and Bunnies

>> Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My precious 11 year daughter made this on her own for my birthday. Aren't the rosebuds so sweet?

And Precious Daughter 2 came over and painted my hallway in a couple of hours. I just love it! 
Thank you so much, girls!  



>> Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sweet Dawniy has been so gracious in helping me make something a little nicer around here. She's done all the heavy lifting and I've just been choosing a few little knick knacks and she's still going strong while I'm beat to a frazzle. Add 8 or 9 hours to her time and space and you'll see how amazing she is. 

Anyway, things will be moving around and changing for a few days until I get it all settled.  Thanks so much, Dawniy!
And if anyone has any suggestions or complaints, feel free to let me know. 


I had a Great Birthday

>> Friday, November 7, 2008

Yesterday I stayed up and partied with all my family late into the night (french vanilla tea being our beverage of choice) and only got a few hours sleep. I'm so exhausted, but it has been such a wonderful couple of days. My dad commented how wonderful it was to see how considerate all the children have become. And just like that, without realizing it, he gave me the best gift--that gift of encouragement I need so badly some days. Thank you, Dad. Thank you, Lord!

My sweet daughters took me out to lunch today (Chinese!) and gave me lovely gifts.

 Precious Daughter 1 (Andrea Delight) handpainted some yarn (see pictures and the story of how she did it here) and gave me needles and a pattern so I could make a pair of socks. I am so delighted and can hardly wait to get past the stupid gauge test, which we all know is The Funsucker of Knitting.  Really, wasting 4 inches of knitting time just so you can see how far off you are going to be when it is finished is totally pointless to non planners such as myself.  Let's just get on with making the more serious errors right from the start, okay?  

Precious Daughter 2 (Kimberly Joy) gave me the sweetest smelling candles and lovely holder. I'm such a pushover for the nice smelly stuff and it was just what I need around this time of year. I can hardly wait to use them tomorrow as it is supposed to rain. So perfect!

And my youngest blessing, Precious Daughter 3, (JaimeSweetie) embroidered a beautiful freehand "Happy Birthday, Mom", complete with lovely rosebuds on it! She is getting so clever and crafty as well as being very thoughtful.  It was a lovely day and I am such a blessed mom!

Happy Birthday, everyone!


My Son is Awesome!

>> Thursday, November 6, 2008

Here is my oldest son with Hope, the homeschooled senior who was teaching a great class on Government. He had just recited the entire Declaration of Independence from memory (word perfect!) and won 200 coin dollar pieces as the reward. Is that awesome, or what?

Thanks so much, Hope!


It's Important To Be Properly Dressed

>> Monday, November 3, 2008

This is a case of a boy not wanting his head to get wet when he goes out in the rain in his shorts to jump on the trampoline.

Is this not just too cute?

Three hats might be just one too many...


Our Too Cool Library Ladies

They dress up for Halloween, big book releases, whatever. They bend the rules on occasion with our book limits, library cards (in possession or not) and they are who we take visitors to meet when they come to visit. They are just the coolest librarians, ever. Here are the tattoos they were sporting the other day:

Don't you wish you had our librarians!


My Sweet Little Immigrants

This was the wonderful unit study we did October 20th. Jennifer Steward put it on and it was fantastic. The sordid details are here, this is the picture that went with it. And yes, you can thank me that there are no pictures of the cat or the soup.


Tyler's Doings

He made bread while I was gone one day. There were four loaves, but they were so delicious we only had two left by the time I got pictures. Yea, Tyler!
Westward, Ho!

This was a Lewis and Clark display at the museum field trip we went to last week. Since being up on the Columbia River in September and seeing all the Lewis and Clark signs, we've been doing a few studies on the explorers. It was perfect timing that this traveling display came when it did.


Sigh. I Can't Post Pictures

>> Sunday, November 2, 2008

When I posted the last pictures with Tyler I was also going to add an Immigration Field Trip/Unit Study picture. It took forever to load up, and in fact, didn't, so I finally gave up and just posted what I had. Ever since then, all I have in the new post box is a blank field for writing. No icons for links, pictures, what have you. I've tried any numbers of things to get it back and it seems like contacting Blogger is an effort in futility.

I have pictures of hats and immigrants and sibling fun and frolic just waiting for an old fashioned miracle.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking maybe I should delete the Tyler post and maybe then it will fix itself. Is that craziness, or no crazier than anything else?