>> Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is about Barack Obama and the direction this country is going. I didn't vote for him, and I'll say it right out that I think he is the worst thing to happen to this country in...well, I don't have an exact time for "possibly ever".   And the worst of it? You can't say that out loud to many people because he's African American and you might be accused of being "racist".  Look, it's not his color that makes him a bad choice (how ridiculous is that!), it's his philosophy. You want an African American or a woman as president? There are a host of incredible people fit for the job. But why should that matter?  They have little minds that consider gender and color things that we should use as a measure of worth.  What does a person think and how do they conduct their lives?  Do they demonstrate excellence? Leadership? Courage? Integrity?  Faithfulness? Honesty?  It could go on and on. Choose a person based on who they are, not what Affirmative Action categories they fill--and certainly to call someone a racist simply because they disagree on one, five or twenty issues involved goes beyond petty.

I watched a documentary on Roman Polanski the other day. They talked about how tragic his childhood had been (Jewish in Europe in WWII--lost his parents to the Nazis, alone on the streets at a young age to fend for himself during the war, etc) and how talented and charismatic he was. He came to this country and became very popular.  But later on he also did some very horrible things and was on trial for it and fled the country when he realized he was going to be locked up. The commentator said that he couldn't get a just trial because people didn't like him because he was foreign. Because he was Jewish. Because he was short.  Oh, my goodness. I think he forgot to list "he wore white socks".  (Plus did he forget that he had just told us how popular he was?) It is more a sad reflection on that commentator to think Americans would not like someone based on those things.  Show us a true heart in bad circumstances and you've got us wrapped around your finger.  But be unkind, untrue, a liar, a rapist, a person who finds ways of getting around the law--yeah, we aren't so fond of that.  I won't go into the details of what he had done, but there were good reasons America turned on him, and it wasn't his outward appearance.  Just like it isn't with Obama. 


dawny April 25, 2009 at 5:43 PM  

so what is he doing that you don't like Karen cos I'm everso interested, email me if you'd rather not blog it . . . . when you get time that is , you're so busy what with flying boys too, how fantastic.acirupen