The Fight Before Christmas

>> Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A few days ago we went to the best Christmas party (job related) I've ever been to. We got there at 6p, nobody wanted to leave at 11p when the place closed. Great people, good food, enjoyable conversations. On our way home HoneyHusband and I did get into a deep discussion on our differing methods of communicating and some of our discussion may have involved some raised voices and perhaps some mild violence on my part, but only insofar as was necessary to get my point across. It all ended well. I learned that the male I am legally married to definitely understands subtlety, but that would be as in "a subtle shift of the explosive to more effectively blow up that mountain" rather than "the subtle brushstroke" in a painting. It's wonderful that he is so direct and uncomplicated. Except for, you know, sometimes.

So he ended up telling me all kinds of lovely things, and for my part, I had two hours sleep and got up to make him fresh bread to take to some friends at work per his request.
 Life and love seem to be a tangledy mess of serving and sacrifices intertwined. Cause I was for all the world Cinderella, the morning after the ball, shuffling into the kitchen with toilet paper on the bottom of my slipper. But understanding and appreciating HoneyHusband? Oh, yeah. He called me a goddess, and I'll do anything for him.