I Am A Sheep

>> Thursday, December 20, 2007

So I was reading BooMama and she is in Birmingham, which is in the South. Like Alabama. Or Mississippi, or somewhere far away. They know where they are. And she was saying how the Wal-Mart there had a big sale on name brand cream cheese. She was excited. I'm in California, so what are the odds the sale would extend that far?  But I had to find out. It was a *sale*.  So I went to our actual 'Mart and there it was, on sale, just as BooMama said. Oh! I grabbed an entire case under my arm and continued shopping with a smile on my face that I had actually GOTTEN THE SALE PRICE ALL THESE MANY MILES FROM BOOMAMA.  Until I got home. Suddenly, as I was unpacking I realized I  had purchased *12* things of cream cheese.  BooMama does not know me. She did not make me put 12 things of cream cheese in my cart. I am a sheep.