The Skunk Episode That Broke my Camera

>> Tuesday, August 19, 2008

WonderBoy II loves to trap animals, observe them for a short time and let them go. We've seen lots of interesting critters that way--possums (oh, what a disgusting excuse for an animal they are), foxes, raccoons, stray cats, our cats (hello! what's up with that? Cat food on the porch, cat food in the trap--gee, I'll take the trap for 300, Alex...), and the occasional skunks.  Usually he ties a rope on the door of the trap and keeps it positioned in such a way that he can easily get the trap door opened without having to get too close in case it is an animal from which it is wiser to keep some distance. It is a lesson learned by trial and error, let's be clear.

On the other hand, when things go well for a period of time, there tends to be a laxity in the undertaking, and such was the latest Skunk Episode.  WonderBoyII and his sweet and adventurous sister, Princess PondScum (she's getting older. We need to change that nickname) set up the trap by the generator house and found a skunk trapped the next morning but they had neglected to put a rope on the door. Princess volunteered to scoot over on her tummy and tie the rope while WonderBoyII shinnied up to the roof of the generator house and opened the trap door while filming it on my camera. Camera dropped from roof in process. It is still in working order and has the video of the skunk release, but it is in the shop for repairs and they told me it might be a month before it gets back.  

The release went wonderfully, with Princess PondScum chasing the skunk down the driveway for just that little bit extra fun. "Prudence, Schmoodence" seems to be the motto at our house.


Grammy Staffy August 19, 2008 at 10:05 AM  

So funny....too bad that we can't see the video. What a story your adventurous ones have to tell.