Keeping it Real

>> Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm not fond of some cliches such as "back in the day".  Where'd that one come from and why did it take off like wildfire?  Hey, friends in the UK and Sweden--has that phrase entered your lexicon yet?  Oh! It didn't start with you did it? Yikes!

There are other cliche's I love, like "how's that workin' for you?" or "let me know how that goes" (used when it is obvious that it has never worked before and trying it again will be just as pointless and as much a complete waste of time and effort as it has always been).

"Keeping it real" is kind of in the middle. I don't really like the (over used) term, but I like the description. Kind of like this:

Oh, what? You don't see it? 
That's because of this:

Because as much as we love living out here in the nice rurals, we have to contend with this:

I don't have the fancy pens to circle or point arrows to the satellite dish on the roof. It is full of snow.  And that means we get this:

 But wonderful Son 2 climbed up onto the roof (he's part mountain goat and loves heights) and cleared the satellite so that we are connected again. Hurray for Tyler!

So back to the original subject for this post, which was "keeping it real" by showing you my living room with all the extra and unused decorations sitting around being messy, waiting for the clean up fairies to put it all away.  (...So, how's that working for you?...)  

So far it's still there. I'd say it's not working for me at all. I must need to find a better cliche.  


Armchair Housewife December 16, 2008 at 7:21 AM  

1.) I'm laughing along with you and then

2.) go do something with those decorations, girlfriend! Get them up on the wall, on a table surface, something. If you're like me and you stare at stuff and think inspiration is just going to "come" to you, it won't- you got to just do it. So do it! I want to see a picture tomorrow of that area of your living room cleared! You can DO it! :)

Or, if you prefer it in cliche form, 'Get 'er done'! Hee hee...

OhLookADuck December 16, 2008 at 11:57 AM  

"Get 'er done"! How perfect! Great laugh from that one!

I've got more problems than decorations, as it turns out. With all the snow comes a million jackets and gloves and hats and pants and shoes in front of the fireplace. Those are the more permanent decorations! ;-)

Okay, I'll get busy with some pictures of things improving. I'll "git 'er done" fer shure!

Bridget December 17, 2008 at 4:31 AM  

When Malc and I lived in a flat we had our TV dish on a big pole in the back garden, everytime it snowed we had to go out and brush the snow off to get a picture on the TV. Those were the days !!!!

OhLookADuck December 17, 2008 at 8:45 AM  

Bridget, we are twins! If you look in the picture you can see two dishes--one is for the television, the other is the computer satellite dish. Since we never turn the television on it's not an issue now, but oh yeah, it used to be. Right in the middle of a show--out would go the satellite!

Ours is on the top of our two story house with its VERY steep roof. And my son loves to be up there clearing leaves from the gutters, just hanging out, etc. But when he stands on that top edge IN THE SNOW i totally don't like it. So now he doesn't tell me, he just does it. Whenever it's snowing a lot I'll start wanting to know where he is. I say, "Tyler, get off that roof! I don't want to use the computer! GET DOWN!!!" He just laughs that I'd be nervous of him up there. I just pray that if he slips off, there will be enough pieces to haul to the hospital.