Christmas Party Night

>> Saturday, December 13, 2008

We are having a nice overnight stay for my husband's Christmas party. Last year's party ended differently so I was a little nervous about this one, but so far it has been lovely. So far, I say, because I walked back to our hotel after the four hour dinner and party and HoneyHusband went out to the next place to play some pool with the hardcore group. I am hoping for a carnage free holiday, anyway.

I forgot the cables for my camera or I could post some pictures of the snow today and some of the lovely Napa Valley. 

The children got to have their big sister and her husband come over to stay the night and I'm hoping the house and tree got decorated and some Christmas cookies were made (and not entirely eaten). We'll see tomorrow. 

That's it. I'm going to snug into bed and knit for a while. There is something so relaxing about staying overnight. I just love it. 

Oh, Dawniy has started listing three positive things a day. That is so worthwhile--counting our blessings. It changes our focus from the negatives that are always around, so we start paying more attention to the lovely things that we so often take for granted.   I'd love to take that challenge along with her and with whoever else wants to do it, please feel free to add yourself in. 

Okay. My postives for today:

1) That it snowed and looked so lovely this morning.

2) That it didn't stick long so that we could drive without the roads being all iced up.

3) That my children are safe at home and enjoying time with each other. 

4) Our drive was so lovely and it's nice to spend time with each other. 

5) Some days are more easy to find lots of positives and this is one of them. 

Have a lovely day, all of you!


Armchair Housewife December 15, 2008 at 6:19 AM  

Sounds cozy and lovely. And thanks for the things you are thankful for... I think that's a great idea. I've often thought about making a "I'm thankful for" button on my blog or something. Hmm.. more inspiration.

Hope it all turned out well!