The Lack of Intelligent Life

>> Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our e-mail was suddenly gone a couple of days ago, while I was in the middle of negotiations for obtaining a chinchilla as our new pet. Some might consider that God's blessing. Nevertheless, not having any mail program is an abrupt something or other, wouldn't you have to agree?  Then HoneyHusband tried to fix it and deleted my entire mail--inbox, drafts (where I save anything remotely interesting) and anything else I may have forgotten to dramatize. Everything. Including my right arm and the vacuum cleaner.  Maybe not the vacuum cleaner.  

This leaves me with a naked realization of exactly how technologically stupid I truly am.  Notice the doubles of the mountain lion in two separate posts? I knew I had double posted. Can I delete one? Evidently I am unable to. I can edit things, I can't delete the picture.  Maybe nobody will notice. But how can I live without an email program?  Someone, even if it is just me, is bound to notice. Case in point--I noticed!  I can't hide this one.   Things that seem absolutely impossible are run of the mill, and then things that seem like they should be easy as falling off a log aren't.  I used to think I had taken an exit off the superhighway of the world wide web quite a while back, but now I see it was never the superhighway I was on, it was only the onramp and I left that ages ago heading further into the backwoods. I recognize where I am now and it's Ma and Pa Kettle's.  Welcome home!  Sigh.