Penelope Chinchilla and the Fire Truck Ride

>> Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tyler with Penelope. Isn't she cute?!

Jason and Jaime getting to ride on the old fashioned fire truck. I would have loved to hop on but someone had to be the world famous photographer.  That would be me. 

We're almost at the end of Little League baseball for Jason, another couple of weeks for Tristan and Tyler, then Junior Giants baseball starts up until the end of August. 

Tristan went to play airsoft wars all day with a friend and ended up having a pool party instead, while the rest of the children went for an hour trail ride at Kay's.  It's been a very active spring and we are pretty booked already until August.  The increased pace has had it's good points and other side (ahem).  I like to have special project goals for each summer and I think this summer we are going to concentrate on science and geography.  We love to play Where in the World (Aristoplay game) to learn the name and location of every country, but we'll do more now with our Flat Traveler project.  We've got some maps printed out so we can put our pins where our flats have been and where we've hosted travelers.  It's been so nice to connect with the Flat's families! I love that more than anything. Hello, Bridget!  

Tristan has been weed eating almost 6 hours and will come home in another hour,  just in time to get showered and get to the church youth group.  I'll take my book and have a bit of rest for the couple of hours, and make out the summer schedules and take the computer and check email.  And take my knitting and finish those two projects, then get the rest of the material to finish the top of the quilt I've been making for Tristan for the last 10 years.  Or I could watch a movie on my laptop and eat sunflower seeds.  The choices. They are just too many.

Andrea is about to go on a road trip to Houston--she and a friend are camping on the way down and she will fly back.  She's doing a lot of things, including having lunch at the Hobbit Hole restaurant one day, as well as going to Beth Moore's church. I hope she is blessed beyond words on the entire trip. Surrounded by God's goodness and protection.  Have a great trip, Andree!


Don Mills Diva June 17, 2008 at 1:49 PM  

OMG - I just discovered your blog and saw my first-ever chinchilla - very cool!

Alison Hyde June 22, 2008 at 10:21 PM  

Wow and cool and how on earth do you ever find a pet chinchilla? That is so cool!