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>> Sunday, June 1, 2008

Baseball for the three boys has been going remarkably well.  Jason got a great hit on the first pitch yesterday and he also fielded for the first time and made a great throw. All three boys did well in the bat-a-thon a couple of weeks ago so they got tickets to the A's game for June 22nd. HoneyHusband will go with them and they'll have a Guys Day Out.  Jaime and I will do something fun together while they are gone.  Maybe go for pedicures or something. Ideas anyone?

Tristan put up a sign advertising his weedeating business and has been inundated with jobs. I'm so proud of him!  He does such a great job and people have been calling him back and recommending him to others.  It's great work for a 15 year old--builds muscles, tires him out and adds to his bank account. He's been wanting an mp3 player for ages so he used some of his money for it this week so he's happy, too.

Oh, the Flats. I feel so pressed to get them in the mail and last Friday I was determined to do it. I had to wait for 11 days for the pictures from Wal-Mart and it turned out they had filed us under the wrong last initial so I guess the pictures were there all along, but nobody called us like they said they would, and going there nobody could find them until we got creative and asked them to check under other letters.  Sheesh.  So last Friday I was putting the finishing touches in the envelopes when my e-mail program went out and I was on the phone to Apple for over an hour, then other calls to find out what happened. We got a reprieve from Wild Blue to use our mail until the end of the day (less than one hour, thanks anyway) and I *had* to mess with that before it went out forever so I missed the post office.  It was mostly a miserable day. I've got to send them out tomorrow for sure. I've really loved doing the Flat Traveler projects, but getting them sent out has been a struggle. Plus I keep wanting to add one more place to go or one more set of pictures. I can see how keeping them for one week makes sense. It's just a quick snapshot of a place and that's all. I want to send a complete year's visit to each and every person! 

Kimberly (precious daughter 2) came over last night with her honeyhusband and friends just to say goodbye because one of the friends was leaving early in the morning back to Illinois. They ended up playing catch out on the lawn until dark when I brought them out bowls of popcorn. They finally came inside and talked and visited longer. It was so nice to have a bunch of people over, just talking and playing. I wish it happened every day. 

Andrea (precious daughter 1) is planning a road trip with a friend. I'm so happy for her. There is nothing like a road trip!  I hope they have a blast, and I think they will. I wish I could meet her at her destination and do some exploring with her, but we'll have to do that another time. I have such fond memories of the place, but it's been so long since I've been there, besides a restaurant and a mall, there probably wouldn't be anything to show her anyway. 

I guess that kind of catches me up with everything. Now I need to go make more news...


Bridget June 2, 2008 at 1:52 PM  

We've got to send ours back too, we must have had them for 6 weeks at least, but like you, I know we're going somewhere the following week and think "Oh we could take the flats"!It could go on and on !