We have a new pet

>> Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We did, in fact, get the chinchilla. They are pretty amazing little animals. (I'll keep saying positive things about them in case I need to offload her at some point. I'll hold a contest for all two of you reading this. Your odds of winning her may be very good.)  So far she has been way better than we even thought she'd be.  Here are a few pluses:

Chinchillas have absolutely no odor.  (There's not even a quantifier for that one)
They are smart and can be trained to a certain degree.  (I doubt we'll be able to put in that amount of time, but still--smart is better than dumb as an oyster)
They are very, very soft.
They don't eat much at all.
They take the most entertaining dust baths as they don't do water *at all*.  Our canaries drank more water than this little girl does! 
We've learned a lot and they are really interesting.  This is a wonderful place to learn some fun things about them.  
If we kill her, I will no longer say she is interesting. 

 In other news, we finally sent off all our flats yesterday. I'm going to miss them, but it feels good to have them back on their way. My biggest fear has been people thinking we lost them instead of realizing we just couldn't find a stopping spot.  And now we need to stop procrastinating and get our flats sent off. We meant to do that at the original exchange, but well, here we are, still working on it. 

And we need to get the garden done. The tomatoes are doing well but I need to plant the rest of the things--chard (plain and in rainbow colors), bush beans, zucchini and yellow crook neck squash, spinach (oops, too late), beets? I can't remember. Whatever, they need to go in the ground because studies have proven that they grow bigger and better in the ground than left as seeds in the package. 


Bridget June 4, 2008 at 12:18 PM  

Chinchillas- don't know a lot about them, so your other reader can have it !! You do make me laugh. I presume you've sent our flat back, please, please stay in touch. I'll keep reading your blog to find out what's happening in your life.

AlisonH December 31, 2008 at 11:42 AM  

A chinchilla! Where do you even go to find a pet chinchilla! There was a woman advertising chinchilla combed from her pets for handspinners for awhile in Spinoff mag, but I don't know if she's still doing that. Enjoy your soft little pet!